From: Axe (axe@******.com)
Subject: credit!
To: (Dan & Eric)
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 14:03:42 -0500 (CDT)

Since i've been receiving requests about CC's and debt management and i've received more than the usual number of pre-approved account offers lately i've done a little math and come to the following:

Announcing: The Dan & Eric VISA Card from Axelbank of America

Ya know, I've been thinking, I've got all this credit that's just sitting around doing nothing, why not pass on the savings to my friends on the net!

That's right - you, yes you, can be the proud bearer of a Dan & Eric VISA Card!

Ask youself these questions:

Then you may be just who Axelbank is looking for!

Why struggle with managing your own debt or go through life waiting to earn money before spending it? Let Axelbank handle your financial needs! Through the magic of balance transfers and account refinancing we can (pretty much) guarantee a _very low_ interest rate for the life of your account with Axelbank! Hell, with some of our accounts, you can even get money back (and not just a couple pennies like a stupid Discover card). With balance transfers we don't distinguish between new or old purchases, or even cash advances. It's all "balance transfers"!

Charge a car and don't insure it!
Pay off those high-interest student loans!
Withdraw $200/day from an ATM and blow it on random stuff!

It's all the same to us!

Apply now because total credit available is limited!

APR and account balance subject to change without notice (but probably not!).


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