When I was younger, I always though it would be cool to be one of those people who travel a lot. You know, maybe some kind of business person with meetings and vacations all over the world.

When I actually had a job where I had to travel, I changed my mind. Even though I was only travelling once a month, and then for only a couple of days each month, it was too much. The planning, the logistics, the disruption, &c. were just too much for my apparently fragile state of mind. Maybe it's easier if you're an executive with some kind of assistant or something to at least arrange all your itineraries, but just thinking about it was a full time job.

Right now, I'm planning some personal travel for the next few months. These are mostly weekend things like weddings and conventions, and again it's just one thing a month for a couple of days at a time, but what a pain in the neck. Hotel reservations with three different chains, airline tickets, driving directions, JKMN.

2007.10.03 at 12:00am EDT