Zombie Fluxx Cardbox

This game does not come in this box.

Update: OK, wait, let me explain. Zombie Fluxx comes in a box that holds the deck in two stacks. This creates a box that is more retail friendly, with twice the area on the front for attractive graphics and twice the area on the back for explanatory text. These boxes are more difficult to carry around, though. A number of years ago I designed PDF templates so that I could repackage games myself or create boxes for games that didn't come with them.

What I did here was scan in the actual Zombie Fluxx box, rearrange the artwork to fit one of my templates, print out the custom box, laminate it, and assemble it. The completed box is 2.25" wide, 3.5" tall, and 1.25" thick. It holds one stock deck of Zombie Fluxx with no additions. I probably won't redistribute this box because it's one big copyright violation and the file is made of huge 600 dpi bitmaps, but it was fun to make and I wanted to show it off.

edited 2007.11.14 at 12:00pm EST