Daylight Savings Time

Well, we're back on the DST, and isn't it time we gave up this sillyness? Is anybody's rising and setting ruled by the sun anymore? Our lighting, our heating, our transportation, our business, none of these things is tied to the cycles of the sun, and even if it were, wouldn't it be simpler to adapt our behavior to the sun rather than keeping our behavior tied to the clock and adapting the clock? Isn't it saner to base our schedules on on nature than on the vagaries of a machine? The clock was invented to measure nature, not constrain it.

Which sounds healthier: "I work every day, from sun-up to sundown", or "I work every day, from nine to five"? Viewing the human animal as a robotic machine is horribly unfashionable these days, so isn't it time to ditch the DST shackle?

2008.03.10 at 7:30am EDT