Bead Spinner

For making my bead braids (Braids 39, 41, 46, 48, 51, 52, 66, and 70) the part that takes the most time is stringing the hundreds and hundreds of tiny seed beads onto the line. People have been telling me for months that I need a "bead spinner", but since those things cost real money while a simple needle costs just a dollar, I have resisted.

Then, the craft store gave me a "40% off any single item" coupon, and the spinners really only cost $15, so I bought one of these Spin-n-Bead spinners. I bought the "Junior" model.

It is totally worth it. It cuts stringing time in half. If I'd spent the money sooner, I would have saved more than eight hours worth of my time. The last 150 beads or so still have to go on by hand, but most of them just fly up the needle. It's amazing. If you do this kind of bead stringing, I totally recommend that you get a bead spinner. This Junior model is big enough to hold a full tube of the beads I use, so I don't know if the larger spinner is necessary.

2009.11.23 at 12:00am EST