Silk Yatsu Sen Braid

I had some silk thread left over from the doubled diamond braid, but not enough for another big project, sp I decided to do this braiding pattern that I haven't done in a while.

Silk Yatsu Sen

This braid has eight strands braided in the yatsu sen flat braid pattern of eight strands. Each strand of the braid has 16 threads in it. If I'd used this silk in braid 90, it would have had 24 threads per strand instead of just 20. Having only two strands of each color in this braid gives it a nice pebbly pattern. I started with six feet of thread on each bobbin, and the finished braid is about four feet long. You'll also note is has a tru bluint end at the start, another trick I learned from Rodrick Owen.

2010.05.19 at 12:00am EDT