This post is the 500th post to this blog. It's taken me less than three years to get to this milestone, and I'm strangely proud of reaching it. When I first started blogging, I wasn't sure if I could keep up with it, but I've been able to make at least a post a week almost every week. Most of the rest of the site has suffered for all of the attention that I focus here instead, but at least the information is getting up on the site somehow.

My site statistics tell me that I have a couple dozen people who subscribe through aggregator services, and there are probably another dozen at least who read regularly. I realize a few dozen readers doesn't make me the most famous person in the world, but it's cool to know there are some people at least scanning the headlines of my life as they go by.

Good to know you're out there!

2010.06.14 at 12:00am EDT