More 'Creative Kumihimo' Braids

I've been so bad about posting in February that my template still say January! Maybe you think I haven't been doing anything? Well au contraire, mon frere, I just unwisely started another big braiding project. If I wait until it's done, you'll be waiting weeks and weeks to see any of it, so here's an update on the first batch.








So, the project is to braid all of the 16-strand braid in Creative Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey. Maybe you remember from back in December when I completed the 8-strand section of this book. Those braids were donated to the kingdom back in January, so I decided it was time to try the sixteens. There are more than two dozen of them, so it's going to take me some more time. I hope to have them all done by Pennsic, so I can put them on display.

2012.02.27 at 8:20am EST