From: (Jonathan Elgart)
Subject: What's on my bulletin board
To: (The Dan & Eric Mailing List)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 15:10:21 -0700 (PDT)
Working in this direction:
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  1. El Palacio's Blue Marlin. A flat, transparent blue plastic fish, about 4" long. It garnishes the margaritas (many excellent flavors!) sold at El Palacio, a Mexican restaurant about three blocks from Andrew's place.
  2. Carry-out menu from Mystic Pizza ("A Slice of Heaven"), 56 West Main Street, Mystic, Connecticut 06355, 536-3737 or 536-3700. According to clippings on the wall, the outdoor scenes were shot on location in Mystic, but the joint was too small to film the indoor scenes there; they used a bigger pizza joint a couple of towns over. I hear the movie is pretty good. The food was mediocre.
  3. Standard office-humor poster: Duck with a mallet, standing over a computer. Caption, "Hit Any Key To Continue."
  4. Picture of Paul Newman, in a still from _Cool Hand Luke_, with a handcut cartoon balloon on white paper. Luke is saying, "I can eat 50 eggs." That's a fine film. I'm not smart enough to understand all the Christ symbolism. Maybe someone could explain it to me.
  5. Printout of a post from Drew to d&e on 11/17/94, on the topic of what good user interface work is all about. It's about taking pride in striving for perfection. I like to read the post in wry contrast to our own programmers.
  6. Alphabetical list of our 27 unlucky customers who are saddled with our new, underfeatured, oversold, unreliable, Windows-based product.
  7. Alphabetical list of our 5 holdout customers who are hanging on to our ancient, ADDS Mentor-based product, until we pry it from their miserly fingers.
  8. Scrap paper bearing the IP addresses of our in-house computers.
  9. Name tag sticker. "HELLO my name is Jonathan Elgart."
  10. EPROM chip with 28 leads, several of them bent. I found this on the sidewalk. Printed on the chip is the following: "M27C256B, -12F1, B88BG, 94098, SINGAPORE". [Commas denote carriage returns.] What is this? I've got the leads jammed directly into the cork.
  11. A pair of ticket stubs from the last baseball game I went to: Seattle Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, 7/23/94. It was a doubleheader on my brother's birthday. Including rain delays and extra innings, it took 10 hours.
  12. Company phone extensions, as of 3/7/95.
  13. Alphabetical list of our 12 customers to whose systems we can connect using a SLIP connection.
  14. Schedule of nightly overtime coverage for March and April, 1995. I'm listed every Monday. I get $40 before taxes for two hours of sitting by the phone. That beats a stick in the eye.
  15. Black rubber O-ring I found on the sidewalk. Draw a solid circle in the xy plane, with center (1,0,0) and radius 1/4, then remove the section from -40 to +40 degrees. Now rotate it in the xz plane around the origin. Units are in inches. That's what this O-ring looks like. I kept it because it reminds me of Richard Feynman and the space shuttle explosion.
  16. My brother's work phone and fax numbers, written on the back of a random business card.
  17. Two losing Virginia lottery tickets from August 1994. Numbers 130 and 1330.
  18. Two slips of paper, half an inch wide by an inch tall, each laser- printed with the number 4 in 72-point CG Times Bold. I have a full set of these digits (3 each 0-2, 2 each 3-9) in my desk, and I'm using them now to count down the days until I leave Washington, D.C.

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