Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 15:44:08 -0400
From: (Gray Jones)
Subject: contractor hate mail
Here is a copy of the letter I am mailing them (if anybody cares):

June 23, 1995
1676 Oaktree Court
Reston, VA 22094

Ellie Straiton
Michael Nash Interiors, Inc.
8630-C Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031

Dear Ms. Straiton,

I am sending this letter to insure that Michael Nash Interiors, Inc. has a written record of my concerns.

On April 10th, 1995, Mr. Shawn Nezemian and I negiotiated a contract to remodel my basement. The contract states that the "Delivery Date" was to be 8 to 10 weeks after April 10th, 1995. As per the terms of the contract, I paid a deposit of $X to Michael Nash Interiors, Inc. with the balance of $Y due upon delivery.

Later that month, you contacted me and informed me that a work crew from Michael Nash Interiors, Inc. would begin work on my basement on May 29th, 1995. You also told me that the work would be completed within two weeks of starting, inside the 8 to 10 week time frame specified in the contract.

In May, Mr. Shawn Nezemian contacted me and informed me that one of Michael Nash Interiors, Inc.'s drywall installers had broken his hand and that the work on my basement would be delayed until June 27th, 1995; four weeks after the original start date and well outside the 8 to 10 week timeframe specified in the contract.

On June 22, 1995, you contacted me again and informed my that another of Michael Nash Interiors, Inc.'s installer's had had an accident and that the work on my basement would have to be delayed again. After some discussion, you rescheduled the work on my basement for July 17th, 1995, an additional three weeks later.

I will contact Michael Nash Interiors, Inc. every few days until July 17th, 1995 to keep abreast of the schduling situation. In the event that the work on my basement must be delayed again, I will expect my deposit of $X to be refunded. If the work is not completed within two weeks, I will expect a portion of the $Y outstanding balance to be credited to my account.

I appreciate all of your help on this matter and look forward to the fulfillment of the contract.


Gray Jones

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