To: danampersanderic+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Subject: Office log
Date: Wed, 17 May 95 10:44:22 -0400

8:00 am. It's rather warm and humid in here. The discomfort has me a bit on edge.

8:30 am. A cool glass of water and an apple make me feel better. Others are eying my water and apple enviously. They also seem to be experiencing great discomfort. I give them my other apple and the rest of my water. Everyone seems relieved and more comfortable.

9:00 am. I forage for more apples and water. I share them around. The others say, "Thank you," and act greatful, but they don't seem genuinely relieved by my gifts.

9:20 am. I procure more water. I decide to leave any remaining apples for later. Others seem surprised that I am providing only water.

9:45 am. I can tell the others are getting increasingly hostile because of the heat.

9:55 am. I get more water. When others ask, I explain that there are no more apples. They won't get my apples! I only share water with those who say, "Please."

10:15 am. I have imposed martial law by threatening to withold water from anyone who does not comply. They _must_ be made to understand that this is for their own good, not to elevate my own position, but I fear that I'm having trouble communicating this idea. To console myself, I have an apple.

10:20 am. There is one remaining apple. Others are demanding a share. Don't they understand? _I'm_ solely in charge now. I need substanence far more than they to maintain control. I eat the apple.

10:30 am. Others are growing restless as a result of the "Last Apple" incident. I begin restricting water rations to keep them week and submissive.

10:35 am. When will they learn? No water for the next half hour.

10:40 am. The others are increasingly restless and hostile, despite my best efforts. I fear a coup. I send this log now, lest it fall into the wrong hands following a revolt.


PS Boy, I wish I had air conditioning.

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