The LOLcky Horror Picture Show
i has a flavor
do you want karate?
don't be laffin... i r learning to waltz
i can has neck?
let me show you my pokemans
i r serious man. this is serious thread.
i gots u a chokliy bar... but i eated it
window butler is watching you masturbate
oops i falled down
i is reztin now... cheezburgr later
invisible (well, you know)
o rly? i not sure now.
not sure, but i think 'she' has harbls
o rly?
it's stuck in my pooper
we see whut u r doin there
the spice must flow
oh noes!
visible dumbells / invisible dumbells
do not want
whut r you doin?
that shur is a nice bukket
surprise! buttsecks!
do not want!
i see whut u r doin there
i'm in ur zen room... killin ur doobz
oh hai, i maked u a new door
alright gentlemen: how do we kill superman?
oh noes!
i can see forever
wait... i fix it
the snozberries taste like snozberries
u must feel the burn
don't worry... i'm from tech support
invisible guitar!
pew pew pew
a production of Elliott C. 'Eeyore' Evans

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