Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 08:31:04 PST
From: (Chris Nelson)
Subject: Three tales of luck

I set up my computer yesterday. I played nethack. The first scroll I found was a scroll of punishment. The first trap I found killed my kitty. In the first store I found, I bought a tin of fried floating eyes which made my fingers greasy, causing me to drop my sword and sell it. The first wand I found was a wand of lightning, but before I could identify it, a nymph stole it from me and killed me with it.

Then I played Drink & Drown. This is a really old game that asks you a series of multiple choice questions about what you want to do as certain situations arise during a pub crawl. After each answer, the game randomly picks something good or bad to happen to you. There is a tiny amount of skill involved, but not much. I managed to get through the first of three bars without a single bad thing happening to me, and on the way to the next bar I found enough money on the floor of my car to buy a total of 20-25 drinks that night before passing out with the highest rank possible, "Sex God."

I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning.


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