Decorated Plastic Treehouse Set

August 2007

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In 2007, the old single color "stashes" of Icehouse pyramids went out of print, completely replaced by the new multicolor Treehouse set. This meant that playing many games that were designed to use two single color stashes would require you to buy at least five Treehouse sets to get enough pieces in one color …or did it?

Since Treehouse sets come in two varieties, "Rainbow" and "Xeno", it should be possible to play any "two stash" game with one Zeno and one Rainbow. That is, if you can remember which colors come in which set. I realized that a little reminder is really all that's needed.

Since I had my brushes wet with fancy paints from another project, I decided to decorate a Rainbow Treehouse set so that its pieces could be quickly distinuguished from any other Treehouse set. Since the original colors of the pieces are still mostly exposed, the set can still be used to play any game designed to use a Treehouse set.

All in all, this was a good afternoon project, and only took me an hour or two. I used to do a lot more pieceniking, so it was good to get back into it, if only for a little while.


Also needed were some brushes and cleaning supplies.

The Process

The process was obviously very simple, because the design is not that complex. I swiped down each edge of each piece with a brush that had been dipped in a gold paint. Once that was dry, I put a tiny drop of black model paint in each pip of each pyramid. That's sixty tiny drops, so it took a while, but it wasn't very difficult.

In retrospect, I should have used white paint for the rainbow set, so that the pips would be more visible on the balck pieces. C'est la vie.

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