Subwoofer Platform Stand

A simple stand for a satellite speaker

A wooden stand with a speaker on it

October 2007

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Recently, we re-arranged the living room and dining room furniture, and this included moving some of the speakers for the stereo to new positions in the room. One of the things that got moved was the left subwoofer, which had previously actually been in the dining room. We hemmed and hawed over where exactly we wanted this speaker, and finally I realized it could be in an unused corner of the room between a radiator and a doorway, if only the speaker could be held a foot off the floor so it was above the shut-off valve for the radiator. This would also allow us to run the cabling for this speaker through the basement, given that there is already a hole drilled in the floor right there. You can see the hole and cable in the picture.

A wider shot, showing the whole speaker.


The stand is made from three short lengths of pine 2x4, plus a small platform made of pine board. The wood is all stained with a "Red Oak" oil-based stain. The bottoms of the legs and the top of the platform are coverd in self-adhesive felt to protect the floor and prevent rattling from the speaker.

The Process

First, I cut three pieces of 2x4 that were and inch longer than the valve is high. Then, I cut a piece of board about the same size as the footprint of the subwoofer. I sanded all this wood to remove burrs.

Pieces made and cleaned, I assembled them as visible in the picture. Two of the legs are perpendicular to the length of the platform, and flush with the front edge. One is parallel, flush with the left edge, and about an inch forward from the back (to accomodate the baseboard). I glued these pieces in place, and furthermore screwed it together for durability.

I stained the whole thing with "Red Oak" in an attempt to match the nearby door frame (Close, but not perfect.), coated it in a water-based sanding sealer, sanded it smooth, and finished it with a water-based clear satin acrylic/polyurethane.

Finally, I cut felt pads for the leg bottoms and platform, and stuck them in place. It's not the prettiest thing ever, but it works for its purpose. In retrospect, I probably should have cut the platform from some scrap 2x12 so its thickness would have matched the legs better.

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