Writing Samples for Elliott C. Evans

UPMC Identity Management System (IMS) Project

IMS enables UPMC staff members to maintain their own computer account information online through a series of secure web forms. The system is documented in a series of approximately fifty short documents. Each document describes how to perform a single specific task, or set of closely related tasks.

I wrote these three documents from scratch, based on the style of the existing documents. Each was reviewed for style by another writer, reviewed for technical accuracy by a developer, and given a final review by project management. These documents are distributed online as Acrobat PDF documents through the IMS web site.

Novar Controls IQ-SBS Product Line

IQ-SBS was a line of intelligent building controls incorporating heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), access, and lighting control. In addition to the unitary controllers that supervised individual pieces of equipment, the system was networked with and configured through a touch-screen unit called the Local Control Interface (LCI).

I was responsible for maintaining all documentation for the system, which comprised installation instructions, application manuals, and data sheets for more than a dozen controllers, and a user manual for the LCI. I designed a new template for all documents, and kept existing documents up-to-date as well as creating documents for new controllers.

Dominion Member Services

In 2001, Dominion Resources experimented with an e-commerce web site designed to provide deals on energy efficient products to their customers. The concept was to promote a feeling of membership, and dsitinguish Dominion from other energy providers.

I was responsible for organizing and editing the specification that had been used to develop the site, but had not been updated as the project evolved over time. I also produced a training document that was used to educate Dominion customer service representatives and enable them to assist callers.

PHW INC. EMI Limit Detector

PHW INC. participated in Amtrak's High Speed Trainset development project by designing and manufacturing the EMI Limit Detector (ELD). The ELD monitored the electromagnetic interference (EMI) output of the propulsion systems in the locomotive, and enforced limits on that output by controlling the propulsions system's main circuit breaker.

I developed running maintenance and heavy maintenance documentation for the system according to required Amtrak formats. In addition, I created an eight-hour training course in system troubleshooting and maintenance, which I delivered to Amtrak personnel at their facilities. I designed, wrote, and produced this one-sheet reference to the ELD to use as a class hand-out.

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