Book Crates

I made 13 of these long crates so I could empty some shelves during some home renovations. The renovations are complete and the books are back on their shelves, so these crates are just taking up space in the attic.

I've made a number of crates over the years and have this process fairly well down. I've even purchased a nail gun to make it go faster. Kerchunk!

Since these are already made (you don't get a choice of length or size) and from random scrap wood I had in the basement, they are available at a bargain price while supplies last. These crates don't have any kind of finish on them, or any feet to protect any surface you might place them upon. They're bulk storage for people who hate cardboard boxes. each holds about two dozen average size paperbacks or maybe 18 bug-squasher/doorstop sized paperbacks.

Book Crates

$5.00 each

Made of various types of wood. Approximately 2 feet long and sized for the average paperback book.

You'll also need to pay shipping on these, and I'll have to pack them into a box. The box is probably free. The shipping might be more than the crates, if you only order a couple, but I'll try to keep the cost down as much as I can.

To order, send me email indicating how many you want. I'll reserve these items for you and send you email with your total once I figure out the shipping. I cannot accept credit cards, so you'll need to send me a check or money order of some kind. As soon as your check clears I'll get your items in the mail, probably by UPS Ground.

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