Date: Fri, 5 May 95 10:13:21 PDT
From: (Chris Nelson)
Subject: a stupid story

Tommy the Two-Tone Tank Truck

Tommy the two-tone tank truck was a tidy tanker, tan and teal, who transported ten tons of turpentine to Tulsa two times a week. Today, Tommy was truckin' up a two-lane, torquing the transmission tortuously. "I tink I can, I tink I can," Tommy thought. When Tommy topped the hill, he tweaked the throttle and trundled on down towards Tulsa. But Tommy's transmission was trashed, and Tommy's treads squealed on the tight turns as Tommy tooted at the terrified tourists. Tommy's turpentine tank tore loose and flew into a Ford, flattening a family of four. Tommy's face fell. He was frightened of failure, so he flung himself fast into a fir, federaling himself.


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