I sing the song of the double mocha cappucino! High on life and legal stimulants. I feel better already! The stream of consciousness is flowing from me like urine. Oh, wait, I've wet myself. How out of character! Hey, I'm looking for a linear particle accelerator, can anyone on the list help? Also, can I borrow $20? Dan&Eric, your HOTLINE to SAVINGS! I can't help myself, it's just one big, extended muscular spasm. I wonder if Kurt Cobain ever had days like this? I can feel it moving. *I* am the FRESHMAKER! You know, I finally figured out something: you're all just a bunch of playing cards. I'm having sushi withdrawl symptoms. I know *exactly* what Carrie Fisher means when she says "going to Singapore". I'm having trouble drinking enough coffee to keep my hands shaking. It's very important to me that I'm respected for my *body*, not for my mind! Have you seen me? I've been computer aged 7 years to aid in identification! What's my line? I'm clock tripled with a 4-way interleaved cache, and I still can't keep those cousins straight! Does the myth of eternal return affect my credit rating? Why haven't I been assaulted lately? Are there stock tips that will guarantee my place in the kingdom of heaven? Is $40 too much for an eighth of dope? It's time we got down to brass knuckles. Damn. I forgot to warn him about the bats.
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