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It's like 2003 meets 1993 meets 1983

I repent of my rash pronouncement that this blog would be all done by hand. I've decided that's silly when there are shell scripts I could be writing. After a bit of research and asking around, I've found that instead of doing everything by hand I can do much of what I want with SSI and shell scripting.

Every time I start researching PHP or one of the other common ways of implementing a blog, I find out there at least a dozen files to install and learn how to modify, and maybe even some database to configure. Here's me with a directory full of entries, a few index files, and couple of shell scripts.

Yeah, that's right, I'm old school. In case you're interested, here's a link to the script that returns the ten most recent posts, and the script that returns the items for the rss. There are probably better ways to write these scripts. The two scripts just get called in the middle of wrapper HTML. Each post contains all its own meta information.

2007.09.27 at 5:00pm EDT

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