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I am freaked out

I started working on this blog last week, more because I was finally getting around to something than because I really wanted a blog. Sometimes when I put something up on my web site, I have to figure out where to announce it, that is, if I even want to announce it at all. Much of what goes on my web site is just documenting a project so I can refer people to it, and not to publicize anything. I figure if I have a blog then people can subscribe one central palce, and if they care that much about my web site then I can bother them when I care to publicize a new release.

Some of my friends have started blogs, updated them pretty regularly for a while, and then stopped. I usually stop looking at their blog after a month of inactivity, and they go back to posting to mailing lists or whatever it was they did before they started their blog. When I started this, I made the decision that I'd try posting to it at least daily for at least a month before I announced it anywhere. I added a link to this blog from my front page, and figured I'd leave it at that so at least when I finally give in to temptation and announce this blog somewhere there will be a backlog of posts for people to read through and not just a single post titled... well, you can see the title in the archives.

I am very curious about my site's web traffic, however, so I go grepping through my logs every once in a while to see where people are coming from and such. Today I noticed that this blog's rss file is getting pinged every few hours by some process at LiveJournal. Following referrer URLs, I see that someone found this blog, and subscribed to it using LiveJournal's aggregator. I have a reader.

Thank you, my one mysterious reader, you have freaked me out. Don't worry, I enjoy being freaked out. Tell your friends. If I can get one reader in less than a week, I can have 52 by this time next year!

2007.10.01 at 4:07pm EDT

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