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I need more icons

Look to the left of this sentence. Eek! It's the same generic icon from the very first post, used on a majority of the 16 posts to this blog. I've used that icon more times than this blog has actual readers. One post had a specially created "projects" icon, four were cop-out photo-posts, and one post had a picture of udon. All the rest had this icon. If a bowl of udon is as exciting as this blog gets, I don't see this blog being very exciting.

I was thinking, when I started this blog, that I'd come up with a bunch of icons, maybe one a week to add to the library so that eventually I'd have a nice collection of topical icons like Slashdot. So far, I have two, and I'm really at a loss regarding what more icons would be. I want to use photo icons, but it turns out that most things don't look like things any more if you reduce them to a 64 pixel wide icon. Although, if you do "View Image" on the udon picture, you can see a bit more detail.

A good icon for this post might be a picture of my navel.

2007.10.11 at 12:00am EDT

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