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I've been a fan of Lore since the Brunching Shuttlecocks days, but now his output rate is a little erratic so I tend to ignore him for a few months and then see a link somewhere and spend some time catching up.

Dude wrote an article for Wired back in August that pretty much describes exactly the kind of PB&J sandwich I make:

Healthy bread needs to be the color of dust and have visible chunks of what may or may not be chaff. Healthy bread should suck the joy and life from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, assuming you haven't already sucked the joy and life from it by using the sort of peanut butter where the oil rises to the top, and the sort of jelly that's essentially just fruit that someone stepped on.

…except I use three slices of bread. No, not to keep the peanut butter completely separated from the jelly until you start chewing (although that is an added bonus), but because without that extra slice of bread a PB&J sandwich just isn't enough food. I mean, typically I only make and eat PB&J sanwiches when I am too hungry to think, so two slices of bread just isn't going to fill me up. You got the jelly to boost short-term blood sugar levels, the bread for complex carbohydrates to fuel the next two or three hours (depending on the number of slices), and the peanuts to add protein and fat for long term needs.

That's the kind of thing I can only think of after I've eaten the sandwich.

2007.10.22 at 12:00am EDT

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