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One year until Election '08

It's the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and I'm sure there are plenty of elections in this country today, but most people's eyes are on the day roughly one year from today when many of us will vote to choose the next President of the USA. It is on this day that I throw my political weight behind the candidacy of Barak Obama, if and only if he chooses Hillary Clinton to be his Vice Presidential candidate.

Look at what the Republican Party did in 2000. They took an inexperienced candidate with serious deficiencies, paired him with a strong, ruthless, experienced political player, and they won. They changed the paradigm. No longer is the Vice Presidency where you put somebody safe and innoffensive who has a chance of surviving your meltdown if it happens. Now it's where you put your strongest fighter, so that the administration can fight hard while the President's hands remain clean(ish).

I like Barak Obama. He's inspiring and motivating, and what this country really needs right now. I like Hillary. I think she' can do things with this country that I'd like to see happen. I just don't think she's electable as the first name on the ticket. She has too much baggage that will drive away voters. Some people still won't like her being on the ticket at all, but who liked Cheney? I know this will look to some other people like I'm asking Hillary Clinton to again take a back seat to a man, but I'm afraid it may be the only way for her to get into the White House where, I dare say, she belongs.

The nineties were a wonderful time for this country. It's been a long time since this country had good times like we had when Hillary Clinton was helping a President guide the United States. Obama/Clinton '08!

2007.11.06 at 12:01am EDT

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