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Speaking of the Beatles

In this other post I talked about the Beatles and the beauty of remixing. I'd heard about the movie Across the Universe, but only just saw this film last night. It's pretty good. Not as good as I'd hoped it would be and wanted it to be, but pretty durn good. It has some difficult to follow parts, and some parts that don't really make much sense, but also it has some parts that are downright brilliant. The army induction sequence is so amazing it almost killed me. It takes a lot of guts to produce a movie these days with so much singing and dancing. While it's not perfect, I give them serious points for trying and succeeding as much as they did.

Anyway, back to my point about remixes. Why should this type of thing be the sole provenance of big-budget movies? I suggested to some friends that the director be granted a degree in literary and cultural studies based on this movie as a thesis, but could an average LCS grad student have legally made this work? I don't think so. Certainly, the grad student would not have been able to present it at conferences or sold it to a publisher without paying millions in royalties, millions that almost definitely don't exist.

That's a shame, really. Information may not want to be Free, but Art certainly wants to be experienced.

2007.11.07 at 10:00am EDT

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