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I went to Philcon, the Philadelphia area science fiction convention, this past weekend. I've attended this convention nearly every year since 1990. I missed the Millenium Philcon (which was a WorldCon), and maybe one or two more, but that leaves more than a dozen times I've been there. I've been through three hotels, and several different weekends (before, just before, and after Thanksgiving).

It's strange. You know, every annual event has its ups and downs. Great years, bad years, average years, etecetera, and sometimes the difference is in attendee and not the event. This year was pretty average conventionwise, and it was pretty average me-wise.

I had some good times. Some years I don't go to any panels, some years I do panels full time. Some years I don't play any games, some years I play games all day and night. Some years I hang out with friends, and some year I party hop. This year I did a fair number of panels, gamed a bunch, and did zero party hopping. Saturday I did my drinking in the hotel bar, starting an extemporaneous discussion that was better than most of the panels I'd been to, or maybe it only seemed better after two of the hotel's $9.60 martinis.

Next year the convention is moving to a new hotel, although they don't know which hotel, what weekend, or who their guests will be. It should be a fascinating study in weekend-long train wrecking, and if history is any indication, well worth attending.

2007.11.19 at 4:00pm EST

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