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T|Xation Without Representation

I suppose I owe you all an update on this very important issue. What I wound up doing was hard-resetting the T|X, then moving databases over one by one from the T3. This was accomplished by beaming when possible (using the Applications Launcher, FileZ, and T'Catalog), or restoring individual databases from an SD card backup of the T3. I needed to use a small utility called "ChangeName" on the T|X to set the Hotsync name without Hotsyncing, but other than that things went smoothly if slowly.

Pictures in the Palm photo app were the biggest pain, since the database format appears to have changed. The desktop software probably would have handled that better, but I still don't have the desktop software working right. Last night, I tried to fix it by setting all my conduits to "handheld overwrites desktop" (a cumbersome process that has been cumbersome since 1998 at least), but that hung up in my calendar and I killed it in the morning.

What I'll probably wind up doing is uninstalling the desktop application, and reinstalling it from scratch. Bleargh.

Anyway, the T|X is an OK machine. I'm really missing the vibrating alert, and hated having to buy another charge/sync cable. I don't like how the status bar doesn't have a home button on it any more, and don't like how it's been moved to a hard button. I don't need a hard button for the web browser, either, since the WiFi has trouble connecting to encrypted networks (most of the networks I use).

It seems that some WiFi routers simply take too long to assign IP addresses, and the Palm is timing out, but I can't find a timeout value anywhere. I can connect quickly to open networks, and almost as quickly to lightly encrypted networks, but networks with full 104/128 bit encryption most often don't work. I can connect at home about half the time. When it works, it's nice to be able to browse web stuff and fetch new email on the go, though.

Over the weekend I was hanging out with a bunch of people who all had iPhones, and their connectivity wasn't much better than mine, all told. They could use Google maps, but the network was so slow it wasn't very useful. I did better by taking screen captures at home before the trip and putting them on a memory card. It was also pretty funny watching people copy down each other's information between iPhones. No ability to beam information? Even to email you have to get the person's address somehow. Maybe somebody will write a quick Bluetooth beamer application once Apple allows you to put your own programs on your device.

Ok, so I've managed to get pretty far afield. Anyway, I've been annoyed with my PDA upgrade, but I'm managing to get it worked out and it's been better than the last time. Also, I'm glad I still have a Palm and not an iPhone.

2007.12.05 at 4:30pm EST

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