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New Year Wrap-Up

Welcome to a brand new year here at "Nothing In It". I can't say I am sorry to see 2007 go. I have some worries about 2008, but let's take it one day at a time.

My first few months of posting here have been interesting. I've made a real effort to put up something every business day, even if it's a cheap cop-out of some kind. After watching webcomics and other blogs for years, I knew it wouldn't be easy. My record so far has been fairly successful, well into the B-grade.

In 2008, you can hopefully look forward to more project posting. I just completed a polar fleece hoodie for Sharon (new pattern!) and a set of curtains for my home office. I also still have some projects from last year that still need complete documentation, so that's a few more posts right there. I've also watched a few good movie lately, and I can't stop reading books, so expect more discussion along those lines.

Anyway, I hope you had a good holiday. Mine was relaxing. I hope you'll keep reading. Thanks.

2008.01.02 at 12:00pm EST

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