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New Windshield

The man from Safelite replacing my windshield

Normally, any kind of car service is a dreadful pain. When the windshield of my car sprouted a crack several weeks ago, I put off doing anything about it because I anticipated having to drop off my car at a body shop and leave it there for two or three days. Eventually, enough people told me to call my insurance company about it that that's what I did.

I knew it was the right choice when the automated system said, "Press 1 if your claim is related to the glass in your automobile." From there, I basically answered a bunch of questions from a customer service representative and set up an appointment for a person to drive out to my workplace and replace the windshield in the parking lot.

Read that again! Why isn't more auto service like this? It really was sweet. When the guy arrived at my workplace, he called me on my phone and I went outside to show him to my car. I unlocked it, and he did the rest. When he was finished, he called me again, I went back outside, signed some paperwork, paid my deductible, and I was done. Done!

Does anybody do oil changes this way? Maybe in the middle of the night while dressed as a ninja? Ninjiffy lube?

2008.01.08 at 10:00am EST

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