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I Have Returned

Spent a week on vacation, during which I decided not to post here at all. We were in a hotel with wireless, so I probably could have, but if I'd even started up my computer I would have gotten distracted ripping CDs and burning DVDs, so it's unclear I would have gotten around to posting. Was that mysterious?

Most of the week was spent at Arisia. It's been a while since I've been to Boston, so we made time for socializing and visiting family. At Arisia, I spent a bunch of time helping my friend Eric with his 'Fan performance Guest of Honor' duties, but I found some time for doing regular Con stuff and relaxing at parties.

(Private to MC: Chaya says hello. Full conversation included obligatory "Do you know", "Of course I know" sequence familiar to Pittsburghers on vacation but always so surprising to outsiders.)

Anyway, rent a copy of "Jadesoturi" (aka: Jade Warrior) if you're looking for a good Finnish kung-fu film. I'm not kidding. This film is more "thinking person's wuxia" that some people can't stand, but of course I thought it was great.

I shot about five hours of video for Eric to edit, so fans of his "Eric in the Elevator" talk show have quite a bit to look forward to.

2008.01.24 at 12:00pm EST

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