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PoliTuesday: Senator Clinton

I admire Senator Hillary Clinton greatly. I believe she's made some mistakes in the political process of attempting to effect progressive change in this country, but it's a difficult and expensive process, and plenty of people have made worse mistakes along it. I admire her dedication to pursuing the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, regardless of my voting plans. I believe that voting is about choice. I want to be forced to make a choice when I enter the voting booth, and too often all the candidates but one have dropped out by the time Pennsylvania gets to vote. Thank you, Senator Clinton for staying in the race and providing us all with a choice.

If Senator Clinton wants me to vote for her in April however, she is going to have to give me reasons to vote for her, not reasons why I should not vote for another. In my opinion, candidates should spend their time building up their own candidacy, not knocking down the candidacies of others. Senator Clinton has a lot to be proud of, and I have no problem with her reminding me of those things and telling me about the things she's like to accomplish in the future. However, I don't like seeing her belittling the accomplishments of others, and denigrating their expressions of hope.

My vote is something a politician must win from me, not drag away from another.

2008.02.26 at 12:00am EST

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