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Restroom Weirdness

The men's restroom here at work has a couple of design flaws that stick out in my mind.

First, when you're standing at the urinals, if you look over your shoulder, you can see right out the door into the hallway. This means that passers-by in the hallway can see you standing there at the urinal. Not that polite passers-by really want to see who's standing at the urinals, but that they should be protected from such views.

Second, the sinks form an L, and the only trashbin in the place is at the corner of the L. You have to step away from the sinks to get a towel (towel dispensers are over by the door), then walk back to discard it. if the sinks are crowded, there may also be people between you and the trashbin, so no basketball shots.

Third, there are an even number (4) of urinals. This means that if you have your choice of urinal (that is, all are unoccupied when you enter), you can force the next arrival to choose between using the "shorty" urinal and committing a minor breach of etiquette.

2008.03.06 at 12:00am EST

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