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Morning Commute

I was halfway across the Ft. Pitt bridge today when all the lights for the tunnel lanes suddenly turned red. Luckily, the driver stopped his truck before smashing into the tunnel entrance, but he was only a few yards away and was going to have to wait for the police to block traffic in the right lane so he could back up and take the off-ramp for the West End Circle. Until then, right lane was stopped. Luckily, I was in the left lane. I tried to wait to let the first car behind the truck change lanes, but I don't think she understood yet what was going on.

For those of you not familiar with this bit of roadway ingenuity, the outbound (lower) deck of the Fort Pitt Bridge is four lanes wide. There are three on-ramps at the downtown (North) end, two from I376 (which ends here, currently), one from downtown, and one from I279. The South end has a two-lane off-ramp and an entrance to a two-lane tunnel. Ever been in the middle of bridge which is also a three-way merge and a two-way split? It's always entertaining.

2008.03.11 at 12:30pm EDT

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