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Video Table with Ratings

I've gotten some questions about the recent video lists, and which movies from them I'd recommend. Here's a post of the whole list so far for 2008, with short ratings for each. Of course these are completely subjective, and you'll only agree with these if you have the same taste as I do. The list is arranged by release year and IMDb index number within year. The table is also sortable if you have JavaScript turned on, just click on a column heading to sort.

Title Year Rating
Yojimbo 1961 Good, a classic for any culture
36th Chamber of Shaolin 1978 Good, if you like Wuxia
Kagemusha 1980 Brilliant from the first scene
Ice Pirates, The 1984 Bad, but classic 80's cable
Goonies, The 1985 Bad, Spielberg at his goofiest
Blue Velvet 1986 Weird, uncomfortable, stiff
Léon - The Professional 1994 Good, amazing, troubling
Harrison Bergeron (TV) 1995 Not the story, but OK
Strange Days 1995 Good, SF about people
Trainspotting 1996 Good, if you want to
Serial Experiments: Lain (TV) 1998 Good, but takes thinking
Breakfast of Champions 1999 Bad, a travesty by the end
eXistenZ 1999 Hm, effective but unsatisfying
Thirteenth Floor, The 1999 Good, and well shot
Magnolia 1999 Good, but disjoint
Battle Royale 2000 Good, but read the book
Mulholland Drive 2001 Good, one of Lynch's best efforts
Equilibrium 2002 Good, for what it is
Bourne Identity, The 2002 Good action adventure romance
Punch Drunk Love 2002 Good, P.T. saves Sandler
Hellboy 2004 Incoherent comic collage
Incredibles, The 2004 Good, but nothing suprising here
Bourne Supremacy, The 2004 Good, but not as good as #1
THX 1138 2004 Good, but didn't need this update
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 Good, but silly and violent
Science of Sleep, The 2006 Good, but troubling and sad
Ultraviolet 2006 Bad, even for what it is
Casino Royale 2006 Good, though still Bond
Illusionist, The 2006 Good, but ultimately simplistic
Pan's Labyrinth 2006 Great, complex and provoking
Prestige, The 2006 Good, but difficult to follow
Bourne Ultimatum, The 2007 Good, but still declining

Please keep in mind that these are just some movies I've watched in the past few months If it seems like my reactions to most of these are somewhat tepid, remember that these are mostly movies I didn't bother to see in theaters when they came out, and have borrowed from a friend rather than even renting them.

2008.03.26 at 12:15am EDT

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