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Of Course

So last week was CMU Spring Carnival, which is the event for which most alumni come back and visit. This year was especially alumnitastic given the CMU KGB's 20th Anniverary Reunion Party. Of course I told more people about this blog during tht event, and of course I bragged about my good record of frequent posting, and then of course I didn't do much posting the following week.

I'll use this opportunity to mention two suggestions I make to webcomic artists, bloggers, and others who seek to update their web presence of a regular basis. When you fail, and you will fail now and then, do not apologize. Why should you? It's your thing and you update it or don't as often as you wish. Also, don't make promises. It just increases disppointment when you fail, and reminds people of tearful scenes in TV dramas about spousal abuse.

2008.04.25 at 8:40am EDT

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