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I started a new contract this past Tuesday, and instead of 16 miles West of home, this new company is 17 miles East of home. For those of you not familiar with Pittsburgh geography, 17 miles East of where we live on the Eastern edge of the city is basically "out in the country". I'm working just off one of those country highways you can see from the Turnpike that makes you wonder, "How do you even get on that road?"

I drive about 9 miles on the parkway, then about 3 miles on a highway with traffic lights, then five more miles on this back road. I go past a couple of farms, some exurb development, a landfill, and numerous wooded stretches. All in all, this beats the heck out of the 16 miles of mostly parkway driving I was doing for the previous contract, at least now in the nice weather.

April's version of traffic: stop-and-go driving for five miles and twenty extra minutes of road time. May's version of traffic: today, me and four other vehicles were stuck behind a garbage truck for 3 minutes until we got to a spot we could pass.

2008.05.29 at 11:00am EDT

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