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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Sharon got some cheap tickets from a co-worker, and we hadn't been to see a Pirates game in some time, so we went to the baseball game last night. It rained nearly the entire time, and the Pirates wound up losing, but we did stay until the bitter end.

I'll admit that I hate being wet and cold, so I expected to finish up the evening very unhappy, but we did pretty well. I'd just bought that new rain jacket, so it kept everything above my waist perfectly dry except for my hands. I usually don't spend a lot of time sitting down while out in the rain, so my legs and knees might have gotten very wet, but I have some rain leggings I keep folded up in the pockets of my rain jacket, and we each took one leg and laid it across our laps. My knees got a little wet, but I was almost completely dry despite sitting still in the rain for a few hours.

The seats were great, row J in the lower level, so we were just a few yards away from the field. No foul balls or catapulted T-shirts came our way, but some kids in other sections got some, so that's cool.

Plus, there was a drunk Astros fan a few rows in front of us who got louder and more annoying (I don't mind somebody rooting for the other team, but why talk trash? Why?) as time passed, until the usher told him to knock it off. The fan got verbally abusive, so the usher told him to leave. The fan called for manager, who also told him to leave. Rumor has it they tried to eject him forcibly and he fought back, ultimately getting arrested and taken to jail. Sleep it off in a cell, buddy.

2008.06.04 at 3:00pm EDT

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