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Just Deserts

I have just been informed by mail that I should order a satellite television service, not because I want it, not because I need it, but because my TV "deserves" it. I'm sorry to inform them (OK, that's a lie, I'm not sorry.) that I consider my TV to be furniture. It is not sentient. It deserves nothing. I admit that sometimes I sit and stare at my furniture for hours at a time, but this particular piece of furniture can be used to display pictures, and I find these pictures entertaining. This does not mean that I consider the TV to be a member of the household in the same way as a person, or even in the same way as one of Sharon's cats. If the TV deserves anything, it deservesto be considered, period. That is, think about your TV sometimes. Why do you have it? What do you use it for? What function does it serve in your life? Do you like it? Does it take up too large a space in your life? Does it take up too large a space in your living room? Now, I'm not one of those people who discounts how entertaining (and even enlightening or educational) a TV can be, but don't take it for granted. Think about it. Does your TV "deserve" anything?

2008.06.13 at 9:00am EDT

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