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PoliTuesday: Why Does McCain Hate America?

Speaking last night in Denver, Colorado, presumptive Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America, Senator John McCain said, "I have a plan to grow this economy, create more and better jobs, and get America moving again." Do we really need to "get moving" again? Are we completely stalled? Are we suffering from a national malaise?

Now I'm not very happy with the state of the USA today, but even I don't think we've completely stagnated. Do we need to get moving, or do we just need to move in a different direction? Are we stalled, or just on the wrong track? Have we lost confidence in ourselves, or have we simply lost confidence in our leaders?

I find John McCain to be an astoundingly negative candidate. From him, I only hear reasons not to vote for others, and no strong argument why he should be leading this country.

2008.07.08 at 10:00am EDT

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