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No posts last week, as we were away at the annual Pennsic War, a medieval event run by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Went my first war entirely in Japanese garb this year. I think I have callouses between my toes from wearing zori and geta nearly constantly. Either that, or nerve damage. Anyway, I have some pictures to share, and I get to reveal a secret project that was a gift for somebody, so I couldn't talk about it before.

We had a fun war, but it's always kind of weird the first few days because we work so hard getting ready and finishing projects in the run up to war, then we spend most of our time there relaxing with our friends. The first few days of nearly idle hands is always troubling. I need to spend some thought coming up with hobby projects that are bit more portable. Probably Japanese brush calligraphy, but I'm waiting for my name to be approved.

2008.08.11 at 8:00am EDT

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