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PoliTuesday: Discount Politics

Way back in this post, I noted that it cost 2.5 times as much for a John McCain yard sign as it did for a Barack Obama yard sign. I was implying that Senator McCain was the candidate for people with more money.

Today, NPR informed me that McCain yard signs are now only $7 each, which is $1 less than Obama signs. What does it say when a campaign has to discount their yard signs by 65%? Should I now be implying that Senator McCain is the candidate for people who only buy from "going out of business" sales?

I also note that despite the fact that the Volusion terms of service require that a link to the Volusion web site appear in the footer of the web site, the McCain site still hides the link. Maybe that's why the Volusion site lists the Obama campaign as a "featured client" doesn't mention the McCain campaign at all?

2008.08.12 at 10:30am EDT

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