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Life On Mars

Every few years, the Carnegie Museum of Art here in Pittsburgh hosts the Carnegie International exhibition. This year's exhibition lasts until January. It's one of thes best times to visit the museum, if you like contemporary art at all. Sharon and I visited over the weekend, and here are some of my favorites.

(The images on the CI08 web site are awful, so I won't bother including them here.)

Just a bit more

This work elicits the most immediate "wow" comments from viewers, including me. It's lovely, elegant, and obsessively detailed.

Friedrich Kunath

A collection of Mr. Kunath's works is displayed on a large wall, and he wins the prize for "artist I would most like to purchase a work by to hang in my home." His painting are quiet and thoughtful. They inspire creativity and interest. If I'm ever rich, there are a couple in this collection I'd love to see daily.

Fibonacci 1202

This assemblage of neon and photographs is the most clever and amusing work in the show. It made me smile. The photos show a restaurant filling up over the course of an evening, and the neon numbers above, which follow the Fibonacci sequence, count the number of people in each photo.


This installation is hands down the most amazing work in the show. I won't give you my interpretation here, so as not to spoil your experience, but I'm really tempted. It's a brilliant and expressive work. The program talks about it as being difficult to interpret, but I found it to be one of the most intellectually accessible installations, fo all its physical inaccessibility. This piece alone is worth the price of admission to the whole show.

2008.08.18 at 8:30am EDT

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