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Thanks, But No Thanks

When Republican Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin states that she said "Thanks, but no thanks" to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" earmark funding secured by indicted Republican Senator and Palin endorser Ted Stevens, what she measn is that first she said "Thanks," and then (later) she said "No thanks." Of course, she may have said "No thanks", but the state of Alaska got all the money it had been allotted.

When Republican Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin disses community organizers, how does she intend to ever win another election? Maybe Republicans don't go out into communities and organize people to campaign and vote for their candidates, but it's actually the foundation of Democratic politics. Working as a community organizer is part of paying your dues in the party, and proving that you are dedicated to the hard work of serving in politics. Maybe when you only have to convince 616 people to vote for you, you don't need anybody's help, but in most cities you need organizers.

Lastly, one of the major criticisms of Governor Palin is that as recently as a few months ago she admitted that she had no idea what the Vice President of the United States actually does. Last night at the Republican National Convention, she gave no indication that she has been told, or that she has even asked. She made a pile of promises to her party's convention delegates, with no indication of how she would help fulfill those promises.

2008.09.04 at 8:30am EDT

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