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VP Debate

I don't actually want to talk about politics in this post, but I do want to say something about last night's debate. As the debate last night progressed, a lock of hair from Governor Palin's bangs drooped under the hot stage lights and wound up sticking in her left eye. Now, because she's on TV and people are always noticing her appearance, she could not just reach up and fix her hair, and besides that there was probably significant styling product in that lock that would have made it resistant to simply tucking it back.

You can watch as she gets increasingly twitchy over time, trying to blink it away and eventually resorting to dramatic winks of that eye in an attempt to clear her vision. This must have been absolute torture, and in the middle of a debate where people were just waiting for her to make a mistake it must have been a nightmare.

I hope that as soon as she got back stage she cut the end off that lock and shoved it up her hairdresser's nose.

2008.10.03 at 11:00am EDT

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