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Project Twofer

Altoids Inro with Black'n'Gold Braid

A new Inro made to hold an Altoids tin (an Internet standard for volume), using a new method that only uses two pieces of wood. The front and back are cut and routed separately, then glued together to make a hollow center. The outside is then shaped and smoothed. The inro was cut open, and then finished with 13 coats of tinted polyurethane. It is appointed with an 8 strand braid with 4 black stands and 4 yellow strands. It make look a a standard twisted string, but the two colors are actually braided to create the spiral.

If I learn enough carving technique to make my own netsuke, I'll be able to replace this plastic reproduction and have a nice accessory that's 100% my own work. Well, except for the Altoids tin.

2008.10.07 at 12:00am EDT

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