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PoliTuesday: One Teeny Weeny Week

Just one week to go until election day, and I am so tired. Here in Pennsylvania we don't have any early voting, and we need a good excuse to get an absentee ballot, so we're stuck waiting to vote until the last possible day. Even though it look like Obama has 14 times the likelihood of winning in a landslide than McCain has of winning at all, we still have to wait a week to watch the drama play out.

Almost a year ago I announced my support for Barack Obama, contingent on his adding Senator Clinton to the ticket. Over the course of he next few months, she lost my support due to her awful campaigning. I thought John McCain would be a good opponent, but he's run an even worse campaign than Sneator Clinton did. He's given in to the most vile parts of the Republican party, and I'm glad he's losing.

I'm confident Barack Obama is going to win this election. Not just because I want him to win and like his position more, but because he is already winning. He's winning in opinion polls, in tracking polls, and in actual polls where early voting is allowed.

I have certain fears that Obama's win won't be accepted by some, and will be unacceptable to others, but I know he's the better candidate.

2008.10.28 at 3:45pm EDT

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