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PoliPolyday: Bitter?

I really was going to try to avoid the temptation to make every post between yesterday and election day a politics post, but then the Pennsylvania Republicans sent a flyer to our home asking if I'm "bitter".

Damn straight, I am bitter. I'm bitter that despite the fact that the voters of Pennsylvania voted to support Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, we've still had to put up with the policies and actions of George W. Bush for the past eight years. Now, there are those who believe that either Gore or Kerry would have been a worse President than Bush. Believe me, they exist and I have talked to them. Myself, I do not see how it is even possible they would have been worse. Bush's policies and actions have been awful for the people of Pennsylvania, and I am certainly bitter that we've been forced to put up with them. The rest of the country does not seem to have PA's best interests in mind when they make decisions, and I am bitter that they want us to say, "Thank you sir, may I have another."

I definitely think John McCain would have made a better President than George W. Bush has been. I think McCain rolled over and showed the Bush administration his belly in return for their help in 2008. I think they managed to convince him they were going to be great in office and he'd be unstoppable in 2008 with them behind him.

Unfortunately for him, and unfortunately for us, they were wrong in almost every possible way. Despite this, McCain has not turned his back on their policies and their help, but has embraced the viewpoints, ideas, strategies, and staff of the Bush/Cheney campaign as his own.

I'm so bitter that the Republicans are still acting like they're right all the time when they so clearly are not. I'm so bitter that they act like Pennsylvanians ever wanted them in charge of the country.

Bitter? Yes. Bitter Pennsylvanians for Obama.

2008.10.29 at 11:30am EDT

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