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Not Politics

So, what else has been going on in my life?

Well, braiding of course. I have five braids in my Edo Yatsu collection now, though I haven't posted about most of them. Each uses the same two colors with different start positions that yield different plaits even though they all use the same braiding pattern. I'm also in the middle of making a third marudai; this one comes apart to make it easier to transport.

Did a bit of travelling. Had to go to Boston to do family stuff. Sorry to most of my Boston friends, since we barely did any socializing at all, mostly just family stuff. Took a quick tour through the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Their small Japanese collection is interesting. (I spent an embarassing amount of time trying to examine the braided cords from which the scrolls hang.) Their temporary exhibit of Yousuf Karsh photographs is amazing. Their book store is great, though I didn't buy anything. If you stay at the Sheraton in Newton, don't let them give you room 606; it smells bad.

Finishing up my current contract. For months this project has been bumping along with little guidance and no deadline, then suddenly this past Thursday the client asked if they could have the document. I managed to communicate to them that I needed a few days to finish it up, but I'm gone after that.

Been a little sick. Basically the same cold I had last December, but I destroyed my voice talking too much at the family thing. Maybe I'll only cough for a couple of weeks this time, instead of for about a month.

See how easy it was to get through an entire post without mentioning politics?
Vote Obama.

2008.10.30 at 11:00am EDT

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