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Two New Braids

Just finished up the second of two new braids. I started the first one back in December. It's a 16-strand braid using the "hira kara gumi" flat braid pattern. I was hoping for a wider braid, but instead I wound up with a braid that's twice as thick!

16-strand Hira Kara Gumi

There are actually four different kinds of brown in there, which confused the cashier in the craft store a bit, but that's just one of the many services I provide.

This braid took way too much time. The pattern is annoying to execute, and difficult to keep track of. I know I messed up at least a couple times, because eventually I noticed my threads were never getting back to their starting arrangement. After that torturous experience, I decided to do the 16-strand "kongo gumi" pattern again, which I remembered as being fun.

16-strand Kongo Gumi

I used the thick silk yarn for this braid, so it's about a half inch in diameter! I'm really happy with this braid. It's pretty and silky, and has a comfortable stretch to it.

2009.01.15 at 12:00am EST

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