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Playing Card Awesomeness

Back in 2004 (when I was still doing non-braiding projects =^) I designed a custom deck of playing cards to be printed on PlainCards. I released a PDF to the net for free, thinking maybe somebody might want to print their own. The "face" cards were the lamest part of my design, I'll be the first to admit, since pictures are always the most difficult part of any card project for me.

Anyway, fast forward 3.5 years and the Internet has worked its magic on my lameness. A creative person with the handle of Dr. Ninjapants (who is apparently NOT Scott Bakula) took my design (which I'm totally cool with, BTW) added some sparkle and a ton of awesome to create Cher, "Dexter", Joker, Patrick Swayze, and more custom card decks to give as presents. You should totally go see Dr. Ninjapants' custom card designs right now, before he gets some kind of cease-and-desist letter from Paramount or something.

Personally, I'm horrified by the Swayze deck, but I've already written to him asking to see the WOSAT deck.

2009.01.22 at 12:00pm EST

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